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Portland Veterans Memorial Coliseum Concerts

Gather around, music enthusiasts, for an unforgettable night of sonic bliss at the Portland Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Your auditory senses are in for a treat as world-class musicians take to the stage to deliver an electrifying performance that will leave you breathless.

As you find your way to your seats, let me take you through the seating arrangements. The Portland Veterans Memorial Coliseum boasts of a luxurious auditorium designed for optimal visual and auditory pleasure. The seating is arranged in a horseshoe shape that gives every seat a clear line of sight to the stage, keeping you engaged and immersed in the music.

The premium seating options offer an even more elevated experience, with padded seats and extra legroom for maximum comfort. The top-tier seats are located near the stage, giving you the best possible view of the musicians in action.

Don't wait any longer to secure your place at this prestigious concert venue. Head over to to purchase your tickets and secure your seating chart. You wouldn't want to miss out on an experience of a lifetime!

Portland Veterans Memorial Coliseum 2024 Concert Schedule

Portland Veterans Memorial Coliseum Concerts Seating chart

On may 12, 2023, steinmetz hall of the dr. Phillips center will be invigorated by the exhilarating performance of the Orlando Orlando Musicals ballet in their rendition of the classic moulin rouge. Audiences will be enraptured by the virtuosic skill of the dancers, as the troupe showcases their prowess in this display of artistry.